Every day, MPR Services reclaims over one million gallons of amine globally.

Expertise and Specialization

MPR Services provides state of the art solutions for keeping process fluids contaminant free by installing permanent, mobile, and custom engineered systems.

Our uniquely proprietary and patented processes increase asset lifespan, while reducing operational and maintenance costs.

Designed by experts in the oil & gas industry for the oil & gas industry, MPR processes recover more than 99% of amine solutions when reclaiming.

Customers report MPR solutions consistently generate excellent results: increasing throughput, eliminating unplanned shutdowns and achieving a highly favorable return on investment.

As the industry leader for more than 20 years, MPR Services delivers robust, highly efficient and safe technology, which is more environmentally friendly and cost effective than “bleed and feed.”

We have successfully executed more than 500 permanent and mobile projects around the world with the highest regard for safety, recording more than nine years of safe operation without a lost time accident.

Combining world renowned expertise with our commitment to excellent service, the MPR team of highly trained operators and skilled chemists support every project from startup to completion, even remotely. That’s the MPR Services difference.

Three Pillars of Purification

Every reclamation challenge is different and we customize the most efficient and cost effective technology to each individual situation, regardless of size and complexity.

Our experience identifies most amine contamination can be resolved using processes and technologies we have developed through one of the MPR Services Three Pillars of Purification:

Corrosion Control

MPR Services removes corrosion promoting contaminants, including heat stable salts, amino acids and acid anions, while eliminating the corrosion byproducts causing accelerated corrosion rates and erosion.

We also provide cyanide corrosion protection through our Cyntrol® program of monitoring and chemistry.

Ion Exchange

Our patented technology removes high levels of anionic and cationic contaminants in amines caused by system complexity and increasingly contaminated feedstocks. Our technology converts formamides back to their regular state and increase amine concentration.


Patented MPR technology removes ionic material, suspended solids, surfactants, hydrocarbons and other refugee materials without the use of consumable filters to prevent lost processing time when cleaning gas streams and sulfur units.

About MPR Services

MPR Services maintains our 20-year position as a global leader in Amine Hygiene through the innovation and evolution of our reclaiming technology.

We are also leaders in safety, having worked without a lost time accident for nine years. MPR Services is registered with major international, national and local safety organizations.
(See our memberships at the bottom of the page.)

Our proprietary processes remove contaminants from:

  • Amine: commodity and specialized
  • Glycol: commodity and specialized
  • Sulfolane

MPR Services engineered systems are custom designed to successfully treat every project using permanent and mobile installations to:

  • Minimize corrosion rates
  • Remove solids and hydrocarbons
  • Prevent amine and glycol degradation
  • Eliminate fouling and plugging
  • Decrease foaming potential
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Deter environmental concerns
  • Increase unit capacity
  • Create efficiency

Highly trained on-site operators, teamed with skilled chemists in our state-of-the art Innovation Center, provide direct support and monitoring services to all of our clients throughout the world.

MPR Services is a business unit of Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc., and is part of the Industrial Solutions segment of Tessenderlo Group.


Corrosion Control

  • Cyanide Destruction
  • Ion Exchange
  • Filtration

Ion Exchange

  • Heat Stable Salt Removal
  • Amino Acids Removal
  • Cation & Chloride Removal

Filtration to Remove

  • Suspended Solids
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Foam-causing Surfactants

Custom Solutions

  • Consulting Services
  • Custom Plant Modeling
  • Unique Engineering Resolutions

Industries We Serve

MPR Services is delivering cost effective Amine Hygiene to on-shore customers in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Russia.


As the company’s initial service line, our experience runs more than two decades deep in removing heat stable salts and other impurities from amine circuits in oil refineries.

Gas & Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Our experienced team understands the reclamation needs of the ever growing LNG industry and have customized solutions for any situation, regardless of size or location.


MPR Services technology can remove the particulates, hydrocarbons and other contaminants in syngas, while enabling plants to stay in compliance with environmental regulations.


The team at MPR Services is experienced in providing Amine Hygiene in ammonia plants, where a particular understanding of the issues and problems in this processing technology is essential.

Problems We Solve

MPR Services is registered with the following organizations:


Comply Works: Canada

VCS: Europe


OSCA: Occupational Safety Council of America

CSC: Construction Safety Council


BSC: Brazosport Safety Council

GCSC: Gulf Coast Safety Council

HASC: Houston Area Safety Council

SCTC: Safety Council of Texas City

TRSC: Three Rivers Safety Council

WMSC: Wyoming Montana Safety Council



BROWZ Safety Compliance


ISN: ISNetWorld

ISTC: Industrial Safety Training Council

NASAP: North American Substance Abuse Program

NCMS: National Compliance Management Service

PEC Premiere

VTMS: Virtual Training Management System


MPR Services maintains agreements with background checking companies including: Lexis Nexis, 1st Advantage and DISA.

We also maintain active accounts with site-specific third party organizations serving our clients, including: drug and alcohol administration companies (D&A), safety administration companies and safety training councils.

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