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HCX™ Hydrocarbon Technology

Developed and available exclusively from MPR Services, the HCX™ process technology removes hydrocarbons from amine solutions, such as diesel, gas oils, paraffins, aromatics and various petroleum intermediates.
The HCX™ process technology can help you increase total throughput by lowering operating expenses via reducing amine losses, improving operational excellence by replacing and disposing of activated carbon and regaining operational uptime via reducing system upsets.

The MPR Services HCX™ process technology:

  • Removes a wide range of hydrocarbons normally found in amine
  • Affords ability to be regenerated to its original capacity with hot water and can be cycled many times before requiring replacement
  • Offers more than 10 times greater capacity for retaining hydrocarbons than the equivalent volume of activated carbon
  • Allows existing filter bodies to be retrofitted for use.


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