HSSX diagram rendering
Ion Exchange graphic

HSSX® Heat Stable Salt Removal

Available exclusively from MPR Services, the HSSX® process technology utilizes ion exchange with the patented Versalt® resin to remove heat stable salts from all alkanolamines commonly used in gas processing, including MEA, DEA, MDEA, DIPA, Sulfinol®, Flexsorb®, DGA®, proprietary and formulated amines.
The HSSX® process technology can help you increase total throughput via lowering operating expenses by reducing amine losses and improving operational excellence.

The MPR Services HSSX® process technology:

  • Minimizes power consumption for the amine unit by reducing viscosity
  • Supports higher production throughput with fewer upsets and off-quality products
  • Lowers treat gas sulfur content
  • Affords ability to be regenerated to its original capacity with caustic water and can be cycled many times before requiring replacement.
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